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Le Storie Fantastiche del Signor Rockteller

The first Italian rock tales for kids podcast. An original format of psychedelic and adventurous stories, a musical and colorful journey inspired by the greatest pop rock legends and their most iconic songs. The podcast is produced by 7:31 Lab and available on every streaming platform.  
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Baby Dj Lab

Unexpected workshop for kids with turntables, headphones and vinyl records. A joyful way to meet the physical magic of music and touch the sound with hands and hears. Mixing music has never been so easy and funny. 
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Rodari Rocks

A bunch of indie rockers, djs and producers were invited to create songs and spoken word pieces of music based on tales and nursery rhymes from Gianni Rodari, the most famous Italian writer for kids. The format was hosted at Milano Music Week and Chiostri di San Pietro in Reggio Emilia. This is an original format created by me and produced by Soundmark. 
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